Youth and Young Adult Ministry

NEW in 2019 -2020

This year St. Katharine Drexel will be hosting Youth and Young Adult Nights


Can you drive yourself? Are you under 25?

Maybe you have questions like:

How do I make decisions?           

How do I choose a college, major, career, boyfriend, girlfriend?           

What is success?           

Who do I trust?           

What do I believe?           

How do I know if I believe it?           

What do I think I should be doing?           

St. Katharine Drexel Youth and Young Adult Nights will be held:

1st and 3rd Sunday nights

 6:30- 8pm
in the parish hall

St. Katharine Drexel Youth and Young Adults Nights will consist of:

  • Main session topic/question for discussion and engagement.
  • prayer
  • Environment will meet all Diocese of Manchester requirements for safety and supervision.

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