High School Peer Leaders

High School Peer Leaders - 2018-2019

  • All high school students’ grades 9-12 open to being a witness of faith are eligible to be Peer Leaders for our monthly Junior High Youth Night.
  • Youth Nights are open to ALL young people not just young people from St. Katharine Drexel Parish.
  • Peer Leaders are expected to participate at a pre-meeting to reflect on the monthly theme, offer feedback, ideas and suggestions as well as prepare to take leadership initiative at Youth Nights
  • High School Peer Leaders are expected to be available as role models to middle school Lock IN attendees, participate in and facilitate activities and discussion.
  • High School Peer Leaders who fulfill this role are eligible for service hours if they wish.

Any high school student wishing to be a peer leader for a Youth Night MUST:

  • Contact Gertrude Hammond PRIOR to the Lock IN gertrudenh@metrocast.net
  • Fill out and supply me with a Peer Leader Registration form PRIOR to the Youth Night and submit it at the pre-meeting.
  • Attend the Pre-Meeting prior to the Youth Night