High School Peer Leaders

High School Peer Leaders - 2017-2018

All high school students open to being a witness of faith are eligible to be Peer Leaders for our monthly Junior High Lock-IN’s. The Lock-IN’s are open to all young people not just young people from St. Katharine Drexel Parish.

Lock IN’s are fun, dynamic, faith based overnights with a monthly theme. Peer Leaders are expected to participate at a pre-meeting to reflect on the monthly theme, offer feedback, ideas and suggestions as well as prepare to take leadership initiative at the Lock IN.

High School Peer Leaders are expected to be available as role models to middle school Lock IN attendees, participate in and facilitate activities and discussion.

High School Peer Leaders who fulfill this role are eligible for service hours if they wish.

Any high school student wishing to be a peer leader for a Lock-IN must:

  • Contact Gertrude Hammond PRIOR to the Lock-IN gertrudenh@metrocast.net
  • Fill out and supply me with a Peer Leader Registration form PRIOR to the Lock-IN and submit it at the pre-meeting.  Please note, this form requires a parent signature.
  • Attend the Pre-Meeting prior to the Lock IN

High School Peer Leaders

General Lock-IN information for Peer Leaders:

  • Peer Leaders are expected to be present from 7pm -8am
  • Lights out at midnight unless peer leaders choose to participate in faith sharing
  • Bring what you need to sleep overnight on the floor
  • Please contribute a snack and leave it in the kitchen to share, but bring NO other food or drinks
  • Pizza is usually provided as well as bagels and juice for breakfast
  • Be prepared to be an active presence with the middle school students attending the Lock-IN
  • If you have not participated in the pre-meeting and submitted your Peer Leader Registration Form prior to the Lock IN you are still always welcome but not eligible for service hours.